Sewn-in Intimacy

Way beautiful is this dress made by Studio Roosegaarde.

The dress is made out of e-foils which respond to changes in the heart rate of the model. It becomes transparent! Wow. While this is a very erotic and aesthetic example of human-machine interaction, i find it also somewhat blunt. While the designers claim that this high-tech project is an experiment in social interaction, there is no real social interaction or play involved. They make use of a simple feedback system.

This points to a problem deeply seated in todays application of new technologies being mostly so one-sided. Furthermore, it is rarely desired to show arousal in public. Unless you are an exhibitionist this dress would probably also be conflictual with some people wearing it.

So here is a thought to spice things up:

Why not handing someone a remote control which tracks the heart rate and optionally switches on transparency?? After all, this dress reaches its full potential in erotic play between two or more people who like to share intimacy. Wouldn’t you agree that not being in control (in a consensual way) over being exposed is what makes it so much fun?!

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