Ryan Trecartin: Any Ever


One of my currently favorite artists is exhibiting at PS1; the show is on until September so I very much hope I am going to be able to be in New York.
Since I don’t find the time at the moment to write a longer piece on him, I thought I gather some voices about his work.


The Officials

MoMA PS1’s first-floor Main Gallery will be devoted to the nonsequential series of seven movies, which are structurally conceived in two parts, one consisting of a trilogy, Trill-ogy Comp (2009), and the other a quartet, Re’Search Wait’S (2009-10). The movies are interconnected spatially via networked viewing rooms and materially by characters, semblances of plot, and formal, recurring motifs.

Having emerged from the 2000s as an innovator of ecstatic new frontiers in art and cinema, Trecartin has been influential within the art world and among a broader, intergenerational set of thinkers and cultural consumers. Consistent with his work to date, this latest series mines emergent evolutions of identity, narrative, language, and visual culture for content, and propels these matters forward as expressive mediums, through darkly jubilant and categorically frenetic formal experimentations.



Ryan Trecartin himself in W magazine, The Art Issue, Autumn 2010

Trecartin believes technology is unleashing latent human potential. And he looks forward to a time when people no longer distinguish between their technology and their humanity. Characteristically, he is already half living that future. „I think technology is us, not somehting we invented, „ he says. „I think we are more psychic now because we have cell phones and you can look and see who’s calling you. When people start seeing technology as us, as humanity, our whole idea of what existence is, is going to shift. I feel with these movies that you can explore all these nuances and details in culture, so you can see them and not just let them wash over you.“




Premiered the video Ready (Re’Search Wait’s)



Style and the Family Tunes


So I’m here, or we’re here, and I want to include all those Tiny Trecartins out in webland watching on our live-video feed of the first Trecartin International through our special app, can we cut to the overhead projector to some of the faces webcasting back. OMG! All these faces of you genderbending campsters, cut-to-cut, if you skip through them fast enough it’s like we’re in »Trecartin World.« Though I’d like to get to the making of »Trecartin World,« the theme park later on as was proposed in official proposal number 988, personally, like I’m already in »Trecartin World.« I don’t know about you, but I’m like in there all the time. I think the first order of business is working out a good short paragraph about Ryan and why we think he’s so great. The subcommittee on this (Thanks Tricia, MoMo and David!) have put together this little paragraph, I have it here on my phone, hold on, text message, it was my mom, or my boyfriend pretending to me mom, you know. Here it is, alright, no, here it is: »The Ryan Trecartin Fan Club is an international association of fans of the international pop art sensation Ryan Trecartin. With fast cuts, hyperpop references, and distinctive editing Trecartin completely embracing everything Internet, from Youtube to Facebook. Trecartin gives voice and shape to all of the camp sensibilities and ADD junk of post-queer youth living in a fatherless vacuum of trashy slash, manufactured by us, hardworking teenagers dosed on the psychotronic drug of interminable digital connectivity.«




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